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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Marketing Your Business

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When starting a new business there are so many things happening all at once, so many items on your task list, and even more decisions to make. Often times we get so excited with our new venture that we get caught up in that and want to do it all at once and more! Instead, take a small moment to ask yourself some questions before you start Marketing.

The reality is, one thing at a time is the only way you can truly focus and make it exactly the way it should be to help your business grow.

While marketing is a must for any new business, it should be approached properly lest it explode in too many different directions to control it. So, I invite you to consider the following questions regarding your business before you launch your full scale marketing plan:

Do I have a beautiful website?

When you start your digital marketing plan, you’ll likely be leading them to your website to view your products and services, learn more about you and your company, request information, or purchase.

Now, are you proud to lead people there? If not, this may be a red flag that you shouldn’t be doing digital marketing yet.

Do I have a business plan?

Is there a guide in place that talks about exactly what the goal, mission, vision and values are of your company? If not, it will be difficult to market a product or service that has no purpose.

iceberg business foundation

Like an iceberg with a mass providing the foundation below, allow this document to be that foundation others won’t see, but they will feel, should they come across your business. Finding this purpose/voice/personality of your company and who it will serve best is actually going to be the best starting point for your marketing plan.

There are many business plan templates and guides throughout the internet, but follow your ideas of what the business will be tomorrow and 5 years from now to help direct you with what you’ll need to include.

Do I have a marketing plan?

A marketing plan will consist of a number of items that will not only assist anyone looking to help you market, but it will also serve as an additional guide for you to follow.

It will be your go-to for any questions regarding what the purpose of the company is as well as where your time is best spent at any given point. You’ll even be able to use these as a guide to form the processes and structure needed to scale up.

Forming this part of the plan’s foundation should include where you’ll market, who you’ll market to, and how you’ll do it (blogs, events, LinkedIn, etc). Be sure to consider your audience when deciding these!

Does my marketing plan have branding, a target market, and market research included?

Without a direction to go, the company will veer toward chaos very quickly…having these items will help you answer all of the questions that come up on a regular basis.

Whether working with someone new to help your business or marketing anything yourself, you’ll want to be able to answer marketing questions like this:

  • What are our brand color numbers?
  • What exactly does our customer look like, enjoy, or need?
  • Where online is our ideal customer?
  • How do I respond to this person’s comment on Facebook: funny, serious, or extremely gentle?

You can see that these issues/questions are very real, very important, and very common. Having these answers before tasks get out of control will provide the consistency consumers enjoy from their favorite brand.

Do I have the budget?

Ah, money. The root of all…progress! Yes it’s quite necessary to invest in your business; from pens and cash registers to employees or contractors. Even if it’s something small to start with, there still needs to be the financing to back up your next steps.


Do I have all of these Marketing questions answered?

Phew! Sure seems like a lot, but once you have the foundation covered, the rest is easy. It will come naturally enough because you know the purpose of your company and who you are. These direct you toward developing the remaining pieces but writing them down is key – not only for investors, but for yourself and your future company!

If you’ve gone through these items and know you’re ready to launch your full-scale marketing plan or need the marketing plan to get you started, contact me and I’d be thrilled to help.


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