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Connection: Has It Lost Its Meaning?

woman laptop arrows Connection: Has It Lost Its Meaning?

Impact of Imagery

More than ever, we all know we’re hyper-connected to our phones. In my field, I think about this a lot and how it will affect interpersonal communications. Many scholars have even done research on constant connection and its impact on our interpersonal relationships.

In addition, I consider how it will affect marketing strategy and companies trying to go back to connecting with their audience. Communication has an incredible impact on our lives. Not only in the way we do business, but in our personal experiences.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like living in the AD 900’s? Or even the 1800’s? We live in an incredible time of technological advancement and yet, we are less connected than ever.

Rather than harp on this fact since it’s been rehashed many times, I’d like to focus on the opportunity for growth it can provide.

Social Media and Connecting

Research has also shown that 76% of Facebook users check the site….daily. And while it drops to 51% of Instagram users, that’s still an enormously high number and I’m definitely “guilty” of it. The thing is, using it as it was intended – a communication tool – is actually a great way to see it and utilize them.

For example, how many positive-oriented sites do you follow and see in your feed on these daily visits? One? Five?

What if 50% of the people and companies you followed were focused on information that impacts your brain in a different way? Even if it’s a more deeper connection to self.

carpe connection

Affect Positive Change

It’s so easy to fall into a trap of negativity with so many horrible things going on in the world, but there are ways to fight off this constant barrage.

Here are just some of the great positive and informative people and companies you can follow to help get your feeds into a more uplifting, helpful, and even empowering news feed:

Not to mention, you can follow all of your industry’s influential people and companies to be able to learn as you scroll too! Allow these sites to help you engage with your own followers and encourage a real connection.

Each of these types of companies you follow can help you connect on a more multi-faceted level than ever before because you’ll feel happier looking at your social media instead of stressed, depressed, and sometimes even jealous. It may also inspire you to re-connect to your actual friends! *gasp*

And perhaps you’ll even consider UN-following that one guy… know, the one you “hate-follow”.


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