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How Marketing Can Be Your Secret Sauce

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You have your talent, your products/services, your networking, and your business plan. But do you have the secret ingredient that can help your business soar?

You may be only one person or you may have a solid team working toward a goal already, but once you’re able to launch a proper marketing plan you’ll be able to take things to the next level.

Here are a few ways to do that without breaking the bank and still maintaining (dare I say expounding upon) your business strategies:

One Plus One Equals 5?

Automation is not only a massive help to your business to save you time, but its processes can be set up in some aspects of your marketing. You can set them up to send out to the right person at the right time, even if you forget.

These types of marketing tools are vital to your company’s growing and scaling up as they will allow one person to do the work of 5 with one tool; at least overall since they do still need to be managed of course.

Fortunately there are a number of marketing aspects where you can utilize this kind of tool:

Digital Marketing Gears turning
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
  • Emails – Setting up an automated email funnel can allow you to keep in touch with those leads you (especially) recently received. Send them a sequence that allows them to get to know you better, purchase easily, purchase at a discount, or simply follow you on their favorite social media platforms. Bonus if you use a personalized greeting in them.
  • Social media – Speaking of social media, you can schedule your posts ahead of time! Use your schedule more efficiently and write them all at once, but send them at the best time for your customers. This is a great way to save time throughout the week, stay focused on one task at a time, and still stay top of mind. There are a great deal of these types of websites/softwares/apps and I’ve listed the most prominent ones here.
  • Ads – Did you know that Google Ads AND Facebook ads can run continuously without your constantly keeping on top of them? You can set up the ads to run the more engaging ones more often, and even re-show them (aka ‘re-market’) to people who have clicked on or engaged with them before. This way they will easily be able to click on it again when they’re ready to buy!
  • Chat bots – Setting up a way for your prospects and customers to be able to ask frequently asked questions from your website via a chat bot is quickly becoming the way to make them feel appreciated and listened to. Facebook also has messenger capabilities you can set up for this but be aware of recent (2020) changes to their regulations).

Decide Who Your Company Will Be

Your brand, your story, your company. It all has its own personality online. Developing it is half the fun! Think of it like designing your own product; it has to have a name, a purpose, and a style. Marketing it will then be made easier as you’ve found its voice.

Another way to think of it is as though your company is an actual person. For example:

  • How would it talk and act?
  • What are its core values?
  • Who does it work best with?
  • Does it have a happy, welcoming attitude or a sassy, here’s how it’s done attitude?

Wendy’s has done a great job with their Twitter account in drawing attention using its persona.

All of these things contribute to the overall portrayal of what you post, where you post it, and what you’re posting about. Enacting this strategy helps develop consistency for people following you so they understand exactly what you and your company are about, without being confused as to what exactly you do and why they should care.

Posting consistently will also allow people to want to be a part of it – whether by sharing or engaging – and tell others about it too. This type of word-of-mouth exposure is unrivaled in building trust – and ultimately getting sales – with your target audience.

Knowing what your company is all about and how it will be portrayed also improves the important aspect of authenticity. People are much more savvy these days about those companies that are manipulative or too ‘salesy’. They want a company that is transparent and trust-worthy so put out the FULL story, not just the fluffy part – if you’re brave enough that is.

Marketing Experiments

Believe it or not, having fun with your company (both inside with employees and outwardly on social media) tends to draw people in because they can relate more. People enjoy being around genuine, kind people and if you display your fun side, it can actually draw the right people in naturally.

People want to support and be a part of a company that makes us feel good about our involvement and purchases so show off your true selves. So show off those lunch or team building photos and watch the magic begin.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Experiment with new ideas! Having an open brainstorming session with your team can lead to remarkable ideas. Spend some time discussing what is actually feasible, consistent with the brand, and able to begin in small increments since this is meant to be a side project of sorts. Discover more about it in depth from the people you want to target. See if it’s something that can be successful before you run with it full force.

Last but not least: research. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be the “boring part”. It can be walking down the street asking people on video what they think of the newest pop star or sending out a survey asking what their highest need is at the moment. Whatever it is, make it relevant to your products or services and again, be consistent with the brand.

Choose Your Own Marketing Adventure

Whatever it is you decide your business truly needs, do something with it! Having an idea or a wish is only going to sit and rot in the crevices of your brain. Graphic description necessary; picture this every time you don’t take action on something you know will help you and your business! If I can help with your Marketing and Strategy, please do contact me as well.


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