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finding your ideal customer

5 Ways For Small Businesses to Reach Your Ideal Customer

Reaching your ideal customer can be done in many ways, but try these 5 (plus a bonus) to get you started!

girl reflection screens

Do I Really Need to Use Social Media?

You may be currently debating on whether or not you want to start or continue to do social media for your business. Here are some reasons why you may want to.

artist's finishing touches

It’s the Little Marketing Things that Can Make or Break it

If you’re going to do your marketing right, you should look at all of the small details that make up a successful strategy and campaign. Don’t skip these finishing touches.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Checklist: 5 Steps to the Perfect Marketing Strategy

Creating your Digital Marketing Strategy doesn’t have to be daunting or scary. Try these basic steps to get yourself started on the right path to your target audience.

blurred audience

Is a Target Audience Truly Important in Marketing?

Appealing to your target audience doesn’t have to be a strain on your resources. Stay true to your company’s values and goals with these tips.