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General Samples and Info

portfolio-business plan

Marketing Strategy sample

Take a look at a basic Retail Marketing Strategy I put together for a previous client (in PDF form).

Jennifer Nunez

Upwork Profile and Portfolio

Link to Freelance profile on

Email Samples

Amsterdam Biz Breakfast

Event Company

PDF Email sample

Barry Edney Headshot

Financial Services

PDF Email sample

skoove logo Portfolio

Education App

PDF Email sample

GEM logo sm Portfolio

Membership Welcome

Email workflow sample

Client Blogs

stress and healthy eating

Healthy Lifestyle Blog

A PDF link to view a blog written for a healthy living e-commerce business.

amazon fires blog

Climate Change Blog

Link to an article written on the Amazon Rainforest and the affects of the fires on climate change and more.

the style of the 80 ies 3984623 1920 Portfolio

Sales with SaaS Blog

Link to live blog written - many of which on this site before June 2022 I wrote.

semaphore ci 1 Portfolio

CI/CD tool emails

Sample of personalized email flow

Social Media Samples